A mod for Kingdom: New Lands (& Classic !)

Disclaimer: Kingdom God V3 now uses the hidden admin/dev panel.
I didn't code the panel, i just managed to made it available :)

Infinite stamina, Display walls HP, Throw boulders, Reroll player skin, Advance 1 hour in time,
Make enemies retreat, Unlock all upgrades, Finish the game, Zoom in/out, Modify mount speed, Modify archer
attack speed, Construct towers and walls wherever you want, Remove all walls and towers
from the map, Spawn : Peasant, Worker, Archer, Knight, Farmer, Bear, Rein Deer, Stag,
Sooky Horse, Unicorn, War Horse, Weak troll, Medium troll, Tough troll, Squid, Boss,
Killer boss, And much more !

How to install:

Locate your Kingdom New Lands folder and move the content of your download (Kingdom_Data) onto your Kingdom_Data folder. Hit replace when prompted. Restart game

Downloads for Kingdom: New Lands:

Download link for New Lands v1.2.8 (current)

Download link for New Lands v1.2.8 (old mod version)

Download link for New Lands v1.2.8 (old mod version)

Download link for New Lands v1.2.3 (old mod version)

"New Lands - Support / suggestions" thread (Steam)

Downloads for Kingdom: Classic:

Download link for Classic v1.2.0

Open the included README.txt for install instructions.
Classic - "Support / suggestions" thread (Steam)

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territory at

Old Mod version:



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